Right to Information (RTI)

The Right to Information Act, 2005, gives a tool to the citizens of our country to access the public information to consolidate the endeavors of Good-Governance. It is the tool which has opened the various doors of secret information for public and consequently, it is observed that the participation of people is perpetually increasing in our democratic system. The mandates of Right to Information to various agencies to form RTI Cell and this have minimized the level of corruption in the last decade, after RTI Act. Thus, in order to accelerate the trajectory of growth and to follow the mandates, this institution has also created Right to Information Cell.

Objectives of Right to Information (RTI) Cell

  •  To enhance the easy accessibility of public information for Good-Governance.
  •   To increase the transparency and accountability in official procedures and actions.
  • To minimize nepotism and favoritism in public opportunities.
  •   To assure and escalate the optimal unitization of public resources.
  •   To keep an incessant vigil and evaluation of Public Policies.

Right to Information Act, 2005, PDF links:

English: https://rti.gov.in/rti-act.pdf

Hindi: https://rti.gov.in/rti-actinhindi.pdf

For more information Visit below Portals:

National Portal :  http://rti.gov.in/

 State Portal:    http://hp.gov.in/sic/

Forms of Right to Information:



S. No. Name of the Authority Details of the Authority
       1. Govt College Chowari Address

Govt. College Chowari

Distt. Chamba Pin 176302


info@gcchowari.com & gcchowari-hp@nic.in



       2. Public Information Officer (PIO) Sh. Nand Lal (Principal)

(Mobile No. 9418078661)

       3. Assistant Public  Information Officer (APIO) Shri. Ashish Kumar (Superintendent)

(Mobile No.7018327462)

       4. First Appellate Authority The Director  of Higher Education
       5. State Chief Information Commissioner Shri Narinder Chauhan